Making Miniatures

Al and Karen Stewart of The Art Exchange in London, Ontario have once again put out a call to visual artists in the London, Ontario area asking them to submit two pieces of work for their popular Annual Juried Miniature Show that will run from January 31 to February 19, 2011.

The challenge is to create a two-dimensional work measuring exactly 3 inches by 4 inches and then submit it in a white 8 by 10 inch matt.  The Stuarts frame each piece for the exhibit, and award prizes to the top three exhibits at show’s opening reception. Even if you don’t win a prize, the show provides a wonderful opportunity for both established and emerging artists to display their talents to the Stuart’s large clientele of art supporters.

So . . . what shall I submit? Because of the small size it seems reasonable to use something with minimal detail, and so I selected a simple shot that I took in Mykonos, Greece of a white church with a red roof (Photo 1).  As a companion piece, I picked a shot of red geraniums on a white stairway with a background of blue ocean (Photo 2). This photo was taken on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick.  

After I printed these two images and mounted them in the required 8 X 10 matts, I decided to try a couple of abstract photos as an alternative to the two that I have described above. The first of these is a reflection of a Grand Manan fishing boat (Photo 3). The prominent red structure that looks like a mutant seahorse with a big eye is actually the reflection of a large life raft mounted on top of the boat’s cabin.  The second abstract picture (Photo 4)was taken in the same location. This complex pattern of reflections was created by a gentle breeze that rippled the water. 

O.K., now its decision time. I have four pieces, but the rules say I can submit only two. But which two? Two with minimal detail? Two abstracts? One abstract and one with minimal detail? I still have two weeks to decide. Any suggestions?

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